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Catering Invoice Template Sample

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Catering Invoice Template and What to Know Inside It

For those who are running a business, of course they should know about the invoice. Yes, invoice for all business, including catering, is important. This document could be used as way to make transparent transaction. It is the reason why you need to know about catering invoice template.

As its name, the catering invoice is a document to proof the transaction about catering. Inside this document, there is the detail information about the service that is gotten by the customers. In other hand, the catering invoice also tells about the amount of money that should be paid.

Here, in this occasion, we will talk to you about the detail of catering invoice template. By knowing the detail of it, making this kind of catering invoice will be easier to do. For those who are curious with it, please take a sit and read some following writings below.

How to Make a Good Catering Invoice?


Since a catering invoice is an important document to proof the transaction, of course you need to know the ways to make it. By knowing the ways to make this document, of course you will be easier in arranging any point shaping a good catering invoice.

To make a good catering invoice, you may follow some points below:

  • First, you may start making this document by including the names of the company of catering and the clients or customers. Here, put this kind of information in the top of your catering invoice
  • In making a good catering invoice template, do not forget to write a unique number of invoice. Of course, each invoice should have the different number
  • Make a table inside the body of catering invoice. Here, the table inside the body of the invoice could be used to write about the description of the catering items, the quantity of it and the detail of its price
  • For the last, you need to write about the total cost of the service
  • Then, to close the catering invoice, do not forget to write about the detail of payment. Here, you may write about the methods of payment and the deadlines of it

Benefits of Using Catering Invoice

There are some benefits that you may get in using catering invoice inside your business. The benefits of it also could be the reasons why you need to make this kind of document. Well, some benefits of catering invoice that you need to know, are:

  • Easy calculation – this document will help you to calculate some matters, such as items of catering, prices and the list of quantities. By this point, of course both parties will be able to know the detail transaction with high accuracy
  • Convenience of payment – by applying the catering invoice, the payment could be known clearly. The catering invoice will tell about the method and deadline of payment. By the detail of it, problem of payment could be handled well
  • Easy record-keeping – the catering invoice is also good to help you in recording the transaction. Every detail of transaction, such as the prices, dates, quantities and others could be listed well.

Well, that is all about the catering invoice to know. You may do some researches to find a sample of catering invoice template.


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