Sample Advertising Invoice Template

A Guide to Make an Advertising Invoice Template

Advertising invoice template is used by a seller to confirm the estimation of number of order from the customers. Besides that, it also aims for documentation & reference uses. The format may depend on the type of advertising. For the further information, let’s see the following discussion.

How to Write an Advertising Invoice Template

An advertising invoice form should contain some details of information. So, you have to make sure that you provide the basic information required. First of all, you need to provide the details of the company. It is very essential because the customers need it to contact the company.


Here, you can start with the name of company. After that, you can include the complete address of the company. It is also important to add the telephone number of the company. You can also include the company’s website, email address, and social media that ease the customers to contact.

Now, you can begin providing the information of the product or service. You can start describing the product or service with the number of order. Then, it can be followed with the name of product or service. If there is the code for each product or service, you also need to include the code.

What’s next is to provide on the advertising invoice template is the breakdown of cost. Here, you have to input the cost or price of each product of service. If there is any tax and discount, you cannot forget to include it, too. Then, you can calculate them to get the total amount to be paid.

Once you complete writing the advertising receipt template, you will need to get the copy. There are some tips to consider in getting a copy. Firstly, you can ask a sales specialist for a copy of this template. In fact, it should be handled by your sales specialist.

Besides that, you can also go to your company to ask for a copy. You should feel free to request the company for a copy of the advertising template. This will be more formal. Usually, the company will honestly help you to give the copy of the advertising template that has been made.

Another way is to request for a separate copy once you received the original one from the sales specialist. However, you can also simply copy it by your own because it is also easy to do. Anyway, having a copy of the advertising template is very important.

There are many types of advertising receipt you can make. For example, you can make an advertising consultant invoice, advertising agency invoice, newsletter advertising invoice, advertising freelance invoice, program advertising invoice, magazine advertising invoice, or any other type.

By paying attention to the detailed step by step guideline above, now you can try practicing to write an advertising invoice template. You should make it based on the business you have. Hopefully this sample will be a useful reference for anyone who works in advertising business.