Artist Invoice Template Sample

Step by Step in Writing an Artist Invoice Template

Artist invoice template can be defined as a proof of sale or transfer of art piece ownership. It is given after a commissioned project was completed. The arts can be sculptures, painting, or others. If you want to know how to make the invoice template, let’s see the following detailed guidelines below.


How to Write an Artist Invoice Template

Artist bill of sale functions to provide a proof of purchase & payment between 2 parties. It becomes documentation that the payment has been received fully regarded to arts. To write the invoice template, you have to understand the proper format. Here are the basic elements you must include.


First of all, you have to make a title. The title depends on your desire. Anyway, make sure that anyway will understand that it is an artist invoice. What you have to include first in this invoice form is the invoice number. It is usually followed with the date of sale, when the payment is made.

After that, you need to include the details of the buyer. You can begin with the full name of the buyer. Besides that, you should add the contact information of the buyer. The buyer’s contact information may include his or her address, phone number, email, social media, or any other else.

Now, you can continue with the description of the arts sold. Sometimes you sell multiple pieces of art. Therefore, you need to list them down. Make sure that you describe them one by one. In this step, we suggest you to keep the description short and simple but still detailed and clear.

An artist receipt template should also provide the acceptable or requested payment methods and the amount of invoice. Here, you can include the artist work hour, applicable taxes, and also other related charges. You can also provide the guidelines of the payment plan you accept or request.

The payment type used and the amount received must also be included. Here, you have to state the exact amount received and how it was paid. Make sure that the amount received is suitable for the amount requested. The payment type can be in cash, with deposit, or any other type of payment.

Next, you should include reproduction & copyright rights and additional terms & conditions. These should be met the agreement and these can be used for the purchaser to acquire the art pieces. Certificate of authenticity and special instructions should also be included on the artist invoice.

If there is any image or picture of the art piece, it is a good idea to include it, too. This will be great even though it is only a small picture. Once you completely write the artist invoice, let both parties to sign of the invoice. Signatures show that both parties agree with what have been mentioned.

Artist invoice template can vary because different local state law has its own rules. Anyway, this invoice is needed for legality of transaction. You need to have a copy so that both parties have this invoice form.