Printable Auto Repair Invoice

A Guideline for Auto Repair Invoice Template

Usually, you need to send an invoice for auto repair work, especially if you work on a freelance / contract basis. That is why you have to understand how to make an auto repair invoice rightly. In this article, we will guide you clearly how to write this invoice step by step you can follow easily.

How to Write an Auto Repair Invoice

To make a good auto repair receipt, make sure that you include the basic information. Here are the basic pieces of information we will discuss one by one. You cannot skip one of them but you are allowed to add other details of information if needed. So, let’s pay attention to this explanation.


First of all, you have to provide the details of the individual or company you are invoicing. The details of information you need to include can relate to some aspects. You can begin with the full name. After that, you can also include the complete address. Then, you can also add the phone number.

What you have to provide next is the detailed information of your business. Same with above, there are at least 3 pieces of information to be included here. It includes your business’ name, address & also phone number. You can still add other pieces of information such as email, website, etc.

Now, you should include dates. There are 2 dates you need to provide here. The first is the date when you write this auto repair invoice template. The second is the date when you expect the invoice to be paid by the customer. In fact, the payment date can be different from the current date.

It also must be clear about the payment method. On the invoice template, you have to state clearly about the acceptable methods of payment. For example, you can only accept payment in cash, or you also accept the payment via credit / debit card, with deposit, or any other payment method.

This invoice also needs to include the descriptions of the service performed. It should not always be detailed. However, make sure that it is clear. For example, the services performed include transmission repair, oil change, engine repair, full repair, or any other service performed.

Next, you have to include the cost of each service performed. It can be a hourly rate or a flat fee. If this is hourly rate, you need to include the number of hour, too and multiply for the total amount. Any discount and tax must also be included before you write the grand total to be paid in the end.

Once you completely make this invoice, you should submit it to your customer soon. So, the customer will know how much money to be paid for the auto repair services. You can also check and confirm it first with the customer.

After you give the auto repair invoice to the client, you have to make sure that you receive the payment based on the date specified on the invoice. If you still do not receive the payment yet after the due date, you should confirm it again.