Free Invoice Template Sample

Free Invoice Template and What to Do in Making It

For those who run business, they need to know about an invoice. Yes, an invoice is a document that is used for the transaction. By using this kind of document, of course the agent of business could make a clear business. Here, we will talk about the free invoice template to help you making it.

Something that you need to know, an invoice tells about the agreement and payment of transaction between two agents. With the invoice, of course the transaction could be tracked well and the customers could claim their right when there is problem after the transaction.

Well, for those who are curious about the ways to make a good and free invoice template, please take a sit and read some following writings below.

Things to Write Inside an Invoice


To make a good invoice, there are some information that you need to add inside it. The kinds of information added inside the invoice will help you to make a clear transaction and there will be no problem with the customers.

Well, things to add inside an invoice are:

  • The detail of you

For the first, in making an invoice, you need to write about the detail of you –as the owner of business. The basic information about the name of company, the address of it and the contact number should be added there.

Of course, you could add some related information if it is needed, such as the email address and others. This information is quite important in order to ease the customers to track your company.

  • Information of recipient

Besides the information of you, here you also need to write about the information of recipient. Yes, it is a nice information to add in order to make a clear agent of transaction. Same with the previous point, here you need to write basic information, such as name, address and contact.

  • Description of product and service

To make a good invoice template, you need to mention about the description of the product and service. It is the important part of an invoice that of course will make a transaction becoming clearer. Try to write about the detail of product and service to build good trust from customer.

  • Method of payment

The next thing to write inside an invoice is the method of payment. Yes, the method of payment should be write in order to make a transparent transaction. There are some kinds of the method of payment that are commonly used, such as cash, credit, installment and others.

  • Terms and reference number

The terms of transaction and reference number should be added to make a great invoice. The terms of transaction provide the agreement inside the transaction. It could be the base of claim when there is problem after transaction.

In other hand, the reference number is also important part of invoice. The reference number will provide better access for the customer to track the transaction that they handle.

Well, that is all about the invoice that you need to know. Remember, this document is important to make a clear transaction. You may do some researches in order to find a good sample of free invoice template.