Sample Google Invoice

Google Invoice Template – Free Word and PDF

Google invoice help you to find a lot of templates that you can use for many purposes. There are a lot of samples that are available on Google starting from basic design, the form that is used for certain business such as foods, hotel, contractor service, delivery, and many more.

The forms that are available here provide a lot of theme. You can check out the one that you are looking for in a simpler way. Only one page and you will get everything that you need related to the templates used in making invoice in a more comfortable way.

To create this form, you will likely need to find which template that is suitable with the business. Even though, the detail is likely the similar but the template may come different with various occasions. You can check some of the templates below.

Types of Google Invoice that You Can Use


One of the Google invoice template here is the basic one that can be used for various purposes. The basic design can be started by putting the name of the company in the top left of the form. The complete address of the company can be added under the company’s title name.

It can also be added in the top right of the form. One thing that is significant in the form is the clients’ name. A good invoice will have a space that is left for clients’ information. It includes the detail of the name, address, city, state, and zip code.

Then, there will balance due that is placed in the top right of the form. The information about upon receipt informs the total number of the balance due. When you are making up to this point, this is only a half way of completing your form.

A complete form needs to deliver about the description. Put the detail of the product information such as item description, quantity, price per, and total in the table form. This is only the basic design. There are still other templates that have a slightly different detail.

What to Write in Google Invoice

As you can see, the template that is created for making invoice is similar one to another. The detail data is similar one to another. The difference in Google invoice sample usually appears as design such us the position of the title, the composition of the client’s data, and other.

When talking about the data that you need to add in the form, it is basically the same one to each other. To whom the invoice is sent to needs to be written clearly. You need to mention the information about the receiver of the bill in a complete way.

Another thing that you need to do is the detail of the product. The quantity of the products should be written well. The amount of the quantity will affect to the amount of the total payment. Also, it is important to put the description of the product in a good composition.

Make sure there is space to express the number of the unit price and the original price. It is a significant thing in such invoice form. As a document that is used to record all of the transaction, having a correct number of the paid transaction is important in Google invoice.