Sample Hourly Invoice

Hourly Invoice and What to Include Inside It

There are many businesses and services that the payment is based on the hour of the consumption. As we know, an invoice is an important document that is used as the proof of transaction. That is why knowing about the hourly invoice could be an important thing to you.

By using an invoice, of course the transaction could be clearer and more transparent. You also could build better trust to the customer by providing the invoice. However, there are some matters that you need to include in making a good invoice.

What are things to include inside an invoice? We will see it belo.

Things to Include Inside an Invoice


As we have said before, an invoice is an important document for the transaction. With an invoice, the detail transaction could be tracked well. However, to make a good hourly invoice, there are some items that you need to include.

Things to include inside an invoice are:

  • Contact information

For the first, you need to write about the contact information at the top of invoice. About contact information, there are some items to write, such as the name of company, the address, the phone number and others.

When it is needed, you also may write about the address of email. The complete information about the company will deliver the clear information to the customers.

  • Logo of company

Something that you need to know, an invoice is a legal document. Here, in making an invoice, it is good for you to add a logo of the company. The logo could be used as the legalize way, so the customer could think that the invoice is legal.

  • Tracking number

To make a good hourly invoice, you need to insert the tracking number. It is an important element of the invoice that will be useful to help you tracking the detail transaction. The tracking number is unique and it has an important role of payment management.

  • Description of product

Inside an invoice, there should be description of product. Yes, you need to tell about the detail of the product or the service. Please make sure that you write it clearly because it is the point of being transparent using invoice.

  • Payment terms

The detail of payment is also needed to be added inside an invoice. Here, you need to write about the term of payment, the amount of payment and others. The detail of it will show that the payment is going well without any problem.

  • Warranty

When the transaction is about a product, warranty could be added inside the invoice. The warranty could be additional service that you give to the customers. Of course, the warranty will pleasant the customer, so you will get higher trust from them.

Well, that is all about the ways to make a good invoice. Finishing the invoice, you need to complete it with the signature of you and recipient. You may do some researches to find a sample of hourly invoice, so making it will be easier.