Construction Invoice Printable

Construction Invoice Template – 21+ Free Word, Excel, PDF Format

Construction Invoice is highly needed especially in a construction business. This kind of business is highly spread especially in a developed country. Many areas that will be built need a legal letter in order to protect the process of building the infrastructure.

Company that holds an infrastructure project should have a clear invoice in a business that is attended. The invoice is used to inform the clients about the detail of the business transaction. It includes the bill, supplies, equipment, and many more.

The construction invoice template below helps you to find the best form that you can follow easily. Each of the templates that are provided here comes with a perfect example that you can depend on. Also, there is a blank form that you can use right away.

How to Create a Custom Construction Invoice Template


There are a lot of designs that can be used based on what you need. You can use each of the sample based on type of constructions. Any type of the construction business that you have can use the samples that are provided here to create your own invoice.

A customer’s invoice that is created based on custom usually will have different detail information and form design. The custom sample here contains with basic detail information and specific details. As a first step, a title of the company is needed to be written in the form page.

Then, a number of invoices shouldn’t be missed in the form. It comes with complete date. A basic detail that informs about the detail of the receiver, or to whom the bill is sent to needs to consist of name and complete address. Information about the work at the job site can be added as well.

Customer PO is an important thing that should be mentioned in the invoice form. It follows with number of order. A detail of terms will usually put in the next of the customer PO detail. On this space, you need to fill it with the statues of the transaction such as ‘Due on Receipt.

What to Write in the Invoice Items Box

Detail of invoice items is important to write in the form. By using construction invoice sample you will be able to find the right arrangement of how to make a good design for custom invoice. Things that need to be mentioned in the form include the item description, statues, and amount.

Remember to always put the description of the item in a complete way. The statues of the items that are used in the construction such as material also need to be updated and written clearly. It is important to make the form completed with enough information supplies, equipment, and tools.

The invoice form has a lot of designs. The form can be formulated based on several things that need to be written in the form. Any design can be used as long as it comes with complete information. The form needs to inform about consultant or vendor name along with complete address.

Then, just usual there is a phone contact or email. As you are making an invoice form, then make sure that you put the number in a correct number. Make sure you also put the detail date of the transaction.

Any invoice transaction, there will be a customer name that is mentioned in the form. Sometimes, a full address of a customer can be written in the form. The construction Invoice can describe about service rendered and the expenses detail in a professional form.