Sample Consultant Invoice

Consultant Invoice Templates for PDF Format and Word

Consultant Invoice is made in a consultant company or foundation. This form is created to be presented to the clients that come in your consultant office. There are a lot of samples that are ready to be used.

However, you can make your own signed form with perfect design. A good form contains with complete information. You can also put the agreement that the other detail like purchase order detail and the required information is the form.

Easy Steps to Create a Consultant Invoice

There are a lot of samples that you can take a look and use it for your own. One of the samples that you may use the sample that gives introduction at the top of detail table information. The description delivers about the all of the vendors and independent contractors’ detail.


That both of the partners have to submit an invoice with signed letter on their own invoice letterhead in order to be paid in the agreement. An invoice that is created for consultant needs to include the nature of the consulting project.

Also, it needs to tell about the nature that becomes the reason of the making a consulting project. The data range should be written in a complete description. You can start your own invoice by writing the title of the business name in the top of the form.

Then, always remember to put address and phone number. Then, come to the invoice detail, put the detail of the consultant customer information in the form. You also need to put the address in a complete way. Remember to also put phone number in the consultant invoice template.

A simple description contains with a description of the subject that is being consulted, consulting project nature, and date range of the project. The detail of the form also needs to include the unit price and total. A total amount of the price will be written in the last of the list.

As this is a formal form, there will be a consultant signature. The signature that is needed in the form is the signature of the project director or principle investigator that got certified for the work. It is needed.

Then, all of the deliverables that have been received according to the specific period of time needs to be stated and attached in the invoice. A consultant form can be designed with different template for different purpose.

Consultant invoice design can consist with agreement, purchase order, payment terms, date of service, description, rate per hour, and amount of the total number of price. Always remember to put a signature of the consultant in the form.

Then, there before putting the signature, you need to create a statement that certify about the service that have been provided in the consultant form. The service should be similar with what has been described.

Also, it should be clear about the payment approve written in the invoice. The form with detailed information will include an agreement description, purchase order, and the required information. Make sure to check the consultant Invoice.