Contract Invoice Sample

Contract Invoice Template – PDF, Free Word, and Excel

Contract Invoice is used to set the terms of agreement in a business field. This document is highly used among many companies. A company or service provider uses this invoice to inform about the detail of the items, service consumption, and others.

A clear template for contract purpose can be created by using this preeminent format that gives you a perfect design that you need. It tells you about the period of the time, the length of the contract that can be followed, and a clear picture of what a good invoice should be.

How to create a Good Contract Invoice

A template that is created for invoice with a specific subject as contract purpose needs to be composed carefully. You can follow one of the samples here. Find the sample that provides complete information and in detailed.


A simple template can start with a name of the company, address, and contract details. Then, provide an invoice date and number in the top of the form. Make sure that you put a clear name in the β€˜To’ reference. This is filled with recipient name information.

Then, move to explain about the detail of the information. If it is a contract for electronic payment, the detail of the contract invoice template will be basic information of the item written in the list. Put the detail information that relates to the contract such as the service information and amount.

A date, details of the item, and the total amount of the value are explained on this part. Then, there is expenses detail with date and the amount of the value. Make sure to put the invoice total in the form.

After delivering the information, the description of the contract is written in the end of the form. It informs about the expenses detail with amount due. Then, put payment terms before you close the form. It is important to arrange the payment terms correctly.

In this part, you can explain about the total due amount that should be paid in certain time. The deadline can end up after two weeks or it can be applied for 14 days started from the date of the form. You should also state about how to send the payment.

You need to inform clearly about what method of payment that can be used. If it uses a bank transfer, then explain it clearly to the account detail in the form. A contract invoice sample can be customized. You can create it with a format that is eligible.

How to Write a Custom Contract Invoice

You can a custom a professional form with detailed template. Still, the first thing that you need to do is collecting and arranging the information carefully. Like casual template form, to create a good form you need to put detail information. It includes response name, location, and date.

Then, you need to put the following information that such as the detail of the receiver of the service. To whom it is sent to like first name, last name, assure of quality, needs to be written. Then, there are rules of payment that you need to deliver. It consists of the summarize agreement.

The contract invoice contains with about time, rate per hour, additional fee for motor vehicle, and cents that are counted per kilometer, and others. Then, you need to inform the payment method and what needs to prepare such as bank, branch, account name, and full of account number.