Printable Contractor Invoice Template

Contractor Invoice Template – Free Word, Excel, PDF

Contractor Invoice Template is used in a contractor work field. This invoice is a must in the process of contractor business. It is a routine that is arranged in a regular way. There are samples here that can help you to create the readable and understandable invoice with proper form.

You can follow the samples here or use the blank template to create your own form. To create a basic form, you can follow the sample provided here. There are some easy points that you can follow easily. If you want to create your own invoice, the template detail data may help you.

How to Create Contractor Invoice Template with This

An invoice design that is created for contractor theme is not as complex as it may see. It comes with simple construction. On the first top of the template, you can inform the complete address of the company along with city, state, and zip code.


Then, put the phone number and email address under it. On the right top, put the clear detail of the date and invoice number. Move to the next corner is the information about both the receiver of to whom the bill is sent to and the site address.

On the first line, you can enter the name, address, city, state, country, and phone of the receiver of the bill of the contractor invoice. Then, you need to put the detail of the site address. It still includes the name, address, city, state zip, country, and contact.

After giving information about the detail receiver and site address, then there is job address and data that needs completed. In this part, there is code and description of the items that are involved in the contractor transaction.

As this is an invoice that is created for contractor, then make sure to put the stuff like this. It includes materials, labor’s payment, sub-total, VAT at certain percent, total include VAT, tax on labor, total number, paid data, and the total due.

Before end up the invoice form, make sure that you put the term of payment in the contractor invoice sample. This is only a few points that you can put in the form. Make sure that you put the logo company, name or title, and others.

A Simpler Contractor Invoice Template

An invoice that is created in a simple way consists of only important information. It can be created by following this. You can mention the number, agreement number, work order number, due date, project period, architect name, and supervisor name.

Then, the next detail information is related to clients. It includes company’s name, company’s address, city, zip code, attendance, phone, fax, and email. Then, make sure to list the project of the contractor project in the form.

Make sure you also put the detail of the work performed description, completion, and the amount of the value. By following this point, you can create the invoice right away. There are a lot of templates here. You can always make a good one with this contractor invoice template.