Sample Delivery Invoices Template

How to Make an Effective Delivery Invoices Template

If you have a company specializing in delivery services, you will need to make a delivery invoices template. This invoice should be given after the services to let the clients or customers know how much money that needs to be paid. In this article, we will discuss how to make this invoice.


Tips to Make a Delivery Invoices Template

The format of delivery invoice form is different from one to another. It depends on the kind of delivery you make. Therefore, firstly you have to understand it clearly. To decide the suitable format, there are some factors that you have to consider. So, pay attention to the following explanation.


The first factor relates to what type of delivery you send out. If you deliver packaged foods or cars, the design should be influenced by the nature. Another factor relates to how detailed the invoice should be. It depends on how detailed you want it to be. Some companies prefer simpler format.

You have to know that delivery invoice is different from delivery note. In fact, delivery note is issued when a delivery has been delivered physically to the recipient. On the other hand, delivery invoice is similar but it is commonly more detailed.

In writing a delivery invoice, the most important thing to keep in mind is to provide the needed details of information. Before you provide the details of information about the products or goods delivered, you will need to include the details of the seller as well as buyer first.

A delivery invoices template should include as detailed as information. You can start describing the items delivered first. It does not only the list of items but also the quantity of each item delivered. You may also add any other description related to the items delivered.

After that, what you have to provide is the cost. You need to input the cost of each item delivered. Besides that, the cost may also include any tax. If there is any discount or promo, it should be I included, too. Then, you can calculate them all to get the total amount of money to be paid.

Delivery receipt template is used in various delivery services. It depends on your delivery business. For example, you will need to make a vehicle delivery invoice, electronic delivery invoice, food delivery invoice, furniture delivery invoice, cosmetic delivery invoice, book delivery invoice, etc.

You have to make sure that the clients know that it is delivery invoice. Therefore, you have to make a title that shows it. The title should be at the top and bolded with bigger size of font. For example, you can write “Vehicle Delivery Invoice”, “Food Delivery Invoice”, etc.

A delivery invoice template must be easy to read and understand. So, keep it simple but detailed. You have to include the needed information in short clearly. The total amount of money to be paid also must be clear. If there is a due date for payment, you must state it clearly, too.